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Replacing Existing Dentures

Mesick Dental Center has an in-house denture lab with an experienced technician to better serve your denture needs. Obtaining replacement dentures is generally an easy process. If you like your old set, we really try to go the extra mile and copy what you liked about it. If there is something about your current set that you do not care for, we can learn from them to try to make a better one for you.

If you are not sure if you need a new denture yet, a consulation with one of our doctors is the best place to start. The process of receiving a replacement set of dentures at Mesick Dental Center generally takes about 1-2 weeks and consists of 3 appointments.

Replacement Denture Appointments:

1. Consultation and Impressions - All treatment options that may pertain to your unique situation will be discussed. An impression of the inside of your mouth will be taken and the color of the teeth that best match your existing teeth or that best match your skin type will be determined. If you have any preferences, this is the time to make them know!

2. Wax Try-In - At this appointment, we make sure that everything is in proper alignment, the shade looks great and the bite is exactly right. It is very importat that you speak up about anything that you are not sure about or just don't like at this appointment. We strongly suggest that you bring a friend or a family member to this appointment. We can make any changes that are necessary while the teeth are still in the wax carrier. If changes are needed, you may need to come in for another try-in appointment.

3. Delivery - This appointment is when you get to take your new dentures home! We will make any adjustments necessary to make you comfortable. We will also go over the care of your new dentures. Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes to the cosmetic look or the design of your new denture at this appointment, those need to be done at the Try-In appointment.

Your new replacement dentures may need to be adjusted or relined. With our in-house lab, we can generally do same day appointments for those. Just give us a call to schedule if as needed.

Adjustments - We will adjust your new denture for a period of 3 months FREE of charge. After 3 months, you may incur a fee to adjust your denture. The fee will be based on the severity of the adjustment made. Please wear your denture for a period of 12 hours before your appointment for an adjustment.

 Relines - Relines can be scheduled as needed and are a separate fee.

Call and schedule an appointment to talk with one of our dentists today about getting your new denture replacement. 231.885.1711

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