One Day Denture

Mesick Dental Center and Complete Denture Care has an in-house denture lab with a highly experieced lab tech to better serve our denture patients.

One of the benefits of an in-house lab is that we are able to offer a One Day Denture.

If you have an interest in a One Day Denture give us a call and schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your denture needs with the doctor and see if you are a good candidate for a one day denture.


One Day Denture Process:

1. Impressions -  You will need to arrive first thing in the morning to begin the process for the One Day Denture.

2. Wax Try In- Around 11:00, you will need to return to the office for the try-in. It is recommended that you bring a close family member or friend with you at this time. Adjustments can be made to the denture while the teeth are in the wax carrier, so if there is something that you or your family member do not like about the new denture, this is the time to let that be known.

3. Delivery - Your third and final visit for your one day denture will be scheduled towards the end of the day. We will make any adjustments to make your denture comfortable. Because the teeth are now set in the acrylic, changes cannot be made to the cosmetic look or design of your new denture.


Adjustments and Relines can be made as needed and most times can be done with a same day appointment because of our in-house lab.


This denture costs a little more because we devote the whole lab day to crafting only this denture. If a same day denture is what you need, please give us a call and we will be happy to speak to you about your particular denture needs.

We love to make you smile!

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