New Denture Wearer

First Time Denture Wearer

Getting dentures for the first time may seem overwhelming and frightening. The staff at Mesick Dental Center is committed to helping and supporting you throughout the whole process.

To receive a handcrafted, natural looking denture from Mesick Dental Center, the process for a new denture wearer usually takes about 3 weeks and involves 4 appointments.

The Denture Process:

1. Consultation and Impressions - All treatment options that may pertain to your unique situation will be discussed. Impressions of the inside of your mouth will be taken. The dental assistant will discuss the color of teeth that best match your existing teeth or skin type. If you have any preferences, please discuss them at this time.

2. Bite - Next, you will bite into a piece of wax. This will let our lab tech know exactly where to place all of your teeth on your new denture.

3. Extractions and Delivery - All of your existing teeth will be removed and your IMMEDIATE* or TEMPORARY HEALING* denture will be placed in your mouth. Minor adjustments will be made. It is recommended that you leave your new denture in for 24 hours before removing.

4. 24 Hour Check-up - Twenty four hours after receiving your first denture, you will come back in and adjustments will be made to make your denture as comfortable as possible.

*Temporary Healing Dentures are usually NOT covered by insurance. Insurance companies feel that you can have your teeth extracted and wait the 4 or so months for your gums to heal before getting your permanent denture. While that is possible to do, our doctors first choice is to place a temporary healing denture immediately after extractions because it acts like a Band-Aid during the healing process. Plus, we believe you will feel more comfortable about yourself if you have teeth during the healing process.

We keep the costs of our healing denture as low as possible by making it with "no frills and no fuss". There will not be any back teeth in your temporary denture, but you will still be able to chew.

*Immediate Dentures are permanent dentures. Your teeth are extracted and your new permanent denture is immediately placed in your mouth. As your mouth heals over the next several months, adjustments to your denture will be necessary.

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